Jennifer O’Keefe’s Award in Photography (2010)

In 2010, the Cheshire Art League sponsored its Annual Exhibition. Jennifer O’Keefe entered one of her photographs, “Old Fashion Winter.” To Jennifer’s great surprise, she won an award for her photograph. The exhibition judge was Connecticut artist Beth Ellis. Beth commented on the photograph, saying, “So much warmth for such a cool image.” Therefore, congratulations were for Jennifer O’Keefe’s Award in Photography.

Jennifer’s O’Keefe’s Award in Photography at Cheshire Art League Exhibition

Jennifer captured the image while she and I were stuck in traffic during a snowstorm. The photograph came out so good that she decided to frame it and enter it into the exhibition. Here is the photograph.

Old Fashion Winter, Award in Photography, Photograph, 8x10, Jennifer O'Keefe, 2010
“Old Fashion Winter”
Photograph, 8×10,
Jennifer O’Keefe,
Jennifer O'Keefe and Old Fashion Winter, Award in Photography
Jennifer O’Keefe and “Old Fashion Winter”
Short Video: “Old Fashion Winter”
(A short 2-minute and 5-second video documentary of Jennifer O’Keefe’s Award in Photography for best photograph at the Cheshire Art League 2010 Exhibition award ceremony.)

Our daughter Danielle took a short video clip of the award ceremony. The award ceremony was at the Cheshire Public Library in Cheshire, Connecticut. When the awards were being handed out, Jennifer was asked to describe to the attendees the circumstances surrounding the creation of the photograph. She explained how we passed by the house almost daily for decades without ever noticing it. Jennifer continued, “we got stuck in traffic directly in front of the house, and the house was the only interesting thing to look at.” The scene was quiet, serene, and captivating. At that moment, she pointed her camera at the house and took a photograph.

She never expected the photograph to look the way it did, having the snowflakes appear frozen in place as they lay across our windshield. Her story makes a person ask, how many exciting things around us do we never stop to notice? How did that one random event and the resulting photograph affect us? Ever since that day, we always take notice whenever Jennifer and I pass by the house. The award ceremony was a nice experience for Jennifer. Good job!

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