Jennifer O’Keefe’s Warm Use of Color in Oils (2008)

Jennifer took up oil painting with her husband, John, in the year 2008. One notable feature in her paintings is her close attention to the smallest details. Jennifer O’Keefe’s warm use of color in oils is very reminiscent of the fall season, very warm and inviting. In addition to oil painting, Jennifer enjoys pastels and colored pencil mediums, not to mention her love of knitting, looming, jewelry making, photography, interior decorating and so on. When it comes to personal pursuits and hobbies, when your not being chased after by a barrage of daily responsibilities, why limit yourself?

Jennifer O’Keefe’s Warm Use of Color – 2008 Oil Paintings

Peaceful Pond, Warm Use of Color, Oil on Board, 8x10, Jennifer O'Keefe, 2008
“Peaceful Pond”
Oil on Board, 8×10,
Jennifer O’Keefe,
Palm Tree, Warm Use of Color, Oil on Board, 7x5, Jennifer O'Keefe, 2008
“Palm Tree”
Oil on Board, 7×5,
Jennifer O’Keefe,
The Hummingbird, Oil on Board, 10x8, Jennifer O'Keefe, 2008
“The Hummingbird”
Oil on Board, 10×8,
Jennifer O’Keefe,
(Study from Time Magazine article)

“The Hummingbird” painting highlights a favorite theme for Jennifer. She has hummingbird decorations all throughout her home and in her garden. They are colorful, delicate and graceful creatures that can mesmerize a person. Her garden occasionally receives one of these visitors looking for nectar.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these paintings and Jennifer O’Keefe’s warm use of color in oils. Also, please check out Jennifer’s award winning photograph Old Fashion Winter”.


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