A Brief History of Painting Frames


Below are links to short articles in the series “A Brief History of Painting Frames” by John O’Keefe Jr. Each article includes reference images and diagrams to help you identify frame design features unique to each historical period. New links will be activated as additional articles and relevant materials are added. Please enjoy.

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  1. Renaissance Frames
  2. Mannerist Frames
  3. Baroque Louis XIII Frames
  4. Baroque Louis XIV Frames
  5. Baroque Spanish Frames
  6. Baroque Regence Frames
  7. Rococo Louis XV Frames
  8. Neoclassical Louis XVI Frames
  9. Neoclassical Directoire Frames
  10. Neoclassical Empire Frames
  11. Neoclassical 2nd Empire Frames
  12. Barbizon School Frames
  13. Federal Frames
  14. Hudson River School Frames
  15. Victorian Frames
  16. Arts and Crafts Frames
  17. Art Nouveau Frames
  18. Contemporary Frames

(Articles are hosted on the website www.paintingframesplus.com.)