Record Journal Article by Jesse Stanley (2008)

In 2008 I was approached by the owner of The Picture Framer & Gallery, Ann Hearn, in Cheshire, Connecticut. Ann wanted to host a solo exhibition for me and my paintings. Of course, I said yes to my first solo exhibition. There was a Record-Journal Article by Jesse Stanley in conjunction with the show.

The Interview – Record Journal Article

Jesse Stanley and I knew each other from previous articles he wrote about my daughter and her lifelong struggles with a debilitating skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa. As he did when writing her pieces, he came to the house with a photographer and interviewed me about my mid-life journey into landscape oil painting. He also printed the dates of my solo exhibition at the Picture Framer & Gallery. The cover story was titled “Painting puts beginner in a zone.” Following is a copy of the 2008 Record Journal Article by Jesse Stanley.

Record Journal Article about Artist John O'Keefe Jr by Jesse Stanley
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Knowing thousands of people would read this article about me was a strange feeling. As I mentioned earlier, I had been through the process before when Jesse wrote about my daughter’s health struggles. In those instances, the family was trying to build awareness of her condition in our local community, hoping that people would contribute to research and ongoing work to find a cure. However, it was only about me and painting this time, so I was more self-conscious. Jesse did a great job!