Tutorial “Lakeside Path” by John O’Keefe Jr.

Lakeside Path by John O'Keefe Jr.

This was my third oil painting. I was still uncomfortable with the idea of creating my composition, so I continued to study the works of other artists and test my ability to duplicate their paintings with a reasonable amount of accuracy. This painting was copied from a painting by Eduard Boehm, a 19th-century Austrian artist. I do not know Eduard’s title or the date he painted it. Please enjoy my tutorial “Lakeside Path“ by John O’Keefe Jr.

Composition and Materials – “Lakeside Path”

Lakeside Path by John O'Keefe Jr., Reference painting by Eduard Boehm
Painting by Eduard Boehm
  • Support: Pre-Stretched & Mounted Medium Textured Cotton Canvas (Acrylic Primed)
  • Size: 11 x 14 inch
  • Medium: Winsor & Newton Winton Student Grade Oil Paints
  • Finish: Winsor & Newton Dammar varnish

Step-By-Step – “Lakeside Path”

Day 1

Lakeside Path - Day 1

The clouds came first, followed by a rough outline of the distant mountains.

Day 2

Lakeside Path - Day 2

More refinements to the clouds. Added details to the distant mountains. I blocked the land mass to the right, along with the waterway.

Day 3

Lakeside Path - Day 3

Using my computer, I blocked in the left foreground. I did this to visualize how my next steps would look.

Day 4

Lakeside Path - Day 4

First, I added detail to the right-side landmass and reflections to the waterway. For the under-painting, visible on the left, I used raw umber and blocked in the general landmass features.

Day 5

Lakeside Path - Day 5

Starting with the distant tree line on the left side, I added darker colors to become my shadows. I then added more detail to the landmass on the right.

Day 6

Lakeside Path - Day 6

Again, using the darker colors that would be the basis for my shadows, I began to add more detail to the left-side land areas. The path has also been blocked-in.

Day 7

Lakeside Path - Day 7

I started adding highlights to the distant tree line and land areas, followed by the row of tree trunks.

Day 8

Lakeside Path - Day 8

I started adding light green tones and the grass along the shoreline. Then I blocked in a dead tree trunk and rock to the front left. Also, I highlighted the path.

Day 9

Lakeside Path - Day 9

Lastly, I added all the fine details. I finished the foreground shrubs, path, and rocks.

Finished Painting – “Lakeside Path”

Lakeside Path by John O'Keefe Jr., Framed
Lakeside Path by John O'Keefe Jr., Displayed

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial “Lakeside Path” by John O’Keefe Jr.


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